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Annual Rotary Picnic, September 14, 2012

Hope Haven Now Offering Electronics Recycling
Published: Thursday, August 28, 2008 by Laura Schuler, C-T

CAPTION: Donald Baughn, Hope Haven Industries employee, works on dismantling a computer tower this (Thursday) morning in the sheltered workshop’s subcontracting department. Hope Haven Industries has started accepting computer and other electronic equipment which is subsequently dismantled and then sold.

C-T Photo

In an age where the latest technology is often outdated in an incredibly short period of time, the question of just what to do with unwanted electronics is no small query. However, Hope Haven Industries, Inc., has the answer with its new E Recycling program. As of just a few months ago, the sheltered workshop is accepting computers, monitors (not cracked or broken), mouses, keyboards, printers, cell phones, fax machines, VCRs, DVD players, CD players and satellite receivers.

The center is also accepting almost any small appliance that has a cord (working or non working) including: Hair care products like blow driers and curling irons; electric power tools like saws and drills; and small electric kitchen appliances like mixers and toasters. Hope Haven will also take other electric household appliances like clocks and fans. “We provide a free, easy and effective way to dispose of all obsolete or outdated computers, cell phones, printers (both working or non-working), that are used in offices, schools, homes and by people on the go,” said Carole Hobbs, Hope Haven manager.

According to Hobbs, Hope Haven employees break the donated electronics down and then divide out the plastics, steel and other components. Hard drives, Hobbs says, are destroyed and sold as for the steel, plastics and other material. Hobbs says the young program is already well received. “We’re really getting a good response. No one in town accepts these items and, to my knowledge, we are the only sheltered workshop to do this,” she said.

To accommodate its customers, Hope Haven has a drop off site at 304 Clay Street that is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. “We also offer free pick up for larger quantities,” Hobbs said.

Hope Haven Industries Moves Closer to Goal for Renovations
Published: Wednesday, January 16, 2008 2:58, C-T

Hope Haven Industries received a big boost from Citizens Bank & Trust in its fund-raising efforts for a $440,000 renovation project. The project is being made possible through the use of Neighborhood Assistance Program tax credits awarded by the Missouri Department of Economic Development. Citizens Bank & Trust Chairman Bill Young signed and presented a check to recycling center board members for $100,000 yesterday (Tuesday) during a formal ceremony at the Hope Haven administrative offices. “CB&T is very devoted to being a part of businesses like Hope Haven Industries,” Young said. “Hope Haven provides a service to a specific segment of the community in Chillicothe that is very important and we support it 150 percent.”

Young also noted that Hope Haven has a “very strong” board of directors. “We're just very excited to be a part of this renovation project,” Young said. The bank was actually the first to pledge a donation to Hope Haven's renovation project. Since the pledge, other businesses have followed suit and so far, $232,694 has been raised, according to Hope Haven Worship Manager Molly Marshall-Barnett.

“We are so appreciative of CB&T for setting the bar so high to kick off our fund-raising campaign,” Marshall-Barnett said. She added, “We have contacted several other businesses and individuals and the community is being extremely supportive. Not only are they encouraging our efforts, but they are showing us what kind of generous community Chillicothe is.”

The 70 percent tax credits awarded to Hope Haven Industries for the recycling renovation project will assist the non-profit in raising the necessary $440,000 through financial contributions from qualifying businesses and individuals willing to support the sheltered workshop.

CMU Trash Pickup Changes Announced
Tuesday, January 8, 2008 

Hope Haven Industries is no longer accepting glass items to recycle. While Chillicothe Municipal Utilities refuse crews will continue picking up glass items as part of regular trash pickup, after Jan. 31, CMU customers must put all glass items into orange trash bags to be landfilled. The changes are being made largely because there is no current market for recycled glass.

C-T Photo / Laura Schuler

Hope Haven Industries and Chillicothe Municipal Utilities have entered into a new five-year contract for residential recycling and a major part of that agreement changes the types of items which will be collected.

As of Jan. 31, 2008, glass items will no longer be included in the recycling operation. Carole Hobbs, recycling operations manager at Hope Haven, said that there is no current market for recycled glass and the broken glass going down the sorting line poses safety issues for recycling employees.

After Jan. 31, glass items must be placed in orange trash bags for trash pickup. CMU and Hope Haven ask for the community's cooperation in implementing this change in recycling.

Hope Haven Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Hope Haven Industries celebrated their 40th anniversary with an open house on Friday, Oct. 5, from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. Tours began at 8 a.m. and continued every 30 minutes until 9:30 a.m.

Hope Haven opened their doors on March 1, 1967. The shop originally opened with 15 employees with developmental disabilities and three staff members. Forty years later, Hope Haven employs 48 employees with developmental disabilities and 20 staff members.

Their services have expanded into a subcontracting center, recycling center, warehouse, and pallet shop. Hope Haven has also expanded their physical operations with a location at 12 Herriman, Chillicothe for the recycling center and a warehouse in Trenton Missouri.

Today, Hope Haven Industries continues to be the largest employer for persons with disabilities in the area and has become one of the largest recycling processing plants in the state. Hope Haven would not have been possible if it werenąt for the many donations from the community and the land donated by John and Virgie Irvin. Hope Haven exists today due to the continued support from the community and individuals that have an ongoing concern for its employees with developmental disabilities.

Rotary Picnic, September 25, 2009

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