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Hope Haven to Undergo $440,000 Renovation Project
Sheltered workshop seeking community support
Constitution Tribune, Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Brad Lager visits Hope HavenCAPTION: Brad Lager, 12th district Missouri state senator (center) took a tour of Hope Haven Industries, Inc., last week and learned details regarding the $440,000 renovation project planned for the recycling center. The project is being made possible through the use of Neighborhood Assistance Program tax credits awarded by the Missouri Department of Economic Development. Pictured with Lager is Carole Hobbs (right), recycling manager, who led the tour.

Missouri Senator, Brad Lager visited Hope Haven Industries, Inc. last week to hear details of a renovation project planned for the Hope Haven Industries Recycling Center.

Senator Lager was given a tour of the sheltered workshop’s facilities in Chillicothe and the details of the $440,000 renovation project were highlighted by Hope Haven Industries staff and board members. The $440,000 renovation project is being made possible through the use of Neighborhood Assistance Program tax credits awarded by the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

The 70% tax credits awarded to Hope Haven Industries for the recycling renovation project will assist the non-profit in raising the necessary $440,000 through financial contributions from qualifying businesses and individuals willing to support the sheltered workshop. “We are incredibly fortunate to have a thriving economy that allows us to provide the funding necessary to expand and enhance worthy projects just like the one at Hope Haven Recycling Center,” said Rep. Quinn. “The amazing men and women who work there provide an invaluable service to the Chillicothe area and it is in our best interest to assist them in any way we can. This project has been such a huge success and with this additional funding it will be able to continue, and improve upon, that tradition of providing a beneficial job environment for its employees while also providing a necessary service for the community.”

The Neighborhood Assistance Program tax credits provide assistance to community-based organizations that enable them to implement community or neighborhood projects in the areas of community service, education, crime prevention, job training and physical revitalization.

The Missouri Department of Economic Development has approved 70 percent tax credits for the Hope Haven Project. Eligible participants that donate to this project will receive 70 percent of the value of their donation back in Missouri income tax credits. Donors may claim the tax credits when they file their Missouri tax return. The tax credits may be carried forward for five years beyond the donation year. Donations may be given in the form of cash, materials/supplies, equipment, professional services, labor or publicly traded stocks and bonds. Any donation made toward the project will be used exclusively for the recycling renovations.

The renovations at the recycling center will include an extension and enclosure of the existing loading dock, a renovation of the employee break room/bathroom area, addition of several ventilation fans, and a large amount of concrete work.

“The goal of this project is to improve the efficiency of processing 500,000 pounds of recyclables per month and to improve the work conditions of the facility for our employees and staff that work in the Recycling Center,” Hope Haven Manager, Molly Marshall-Barnett said. “I am confident that the Chillicothe community will support us in this ambitious fundraising effort. It is not by accident that Hope Haven Industries has been in business for 40 years.”

She explained that individuals with development disabilities have very limited employment options in the area. Hope Haven provides sheltered employment so these individuals can be as independent as possible. “The employees are the reason we are here and the reason we continue to work at improving what we have and what we do. The community has always rallied behind us when needed in the past,” Marshall-Barnett said. “I believe that most tax payers are grateful for the opportunity to invest their tax dollars in their local community in worthwhile projects like this one of Hope Haven’s rather than sending those same dollars to the state level to be used for projects that may be in a distant urban area that may never have any affect on our local community.”

Cathy Smith, [former] Development Director for Hope Haven Industries, stated “We are very excited about the project. The Recycling Center has been in need of renovations, repairs and new equipment for quite some time and we just want to make it a great place for the staff and employees with developmental disabilities to work.”

If you are interested in making a donation to the Hope Haven Recycling Center renovation project, please contact Donna Windmeyer at 660-646-5172.

CAPTION: Some members of Hope Haven Industries, Inc. board of directors gathered for a photograph with Sen. Brad Lager prior to the tour of the shelter workshop's facilities last Wednesday, July 18. Pictured are, from left: Molly Marshall, Hope Haven Industries, Inc., manager; Cathy Smith, development director and writer of the grant; Bill Everett, board member; Carole Hobbs, recycling manager; John Irvin, ex-officio board member; Ed Robertson, board president; and Sen. Brad Lager.

C-T Photo/Catherine Stortz Ripley

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