Hope Haven Industries, Inc. provides dignified and meaningful employment for people with disabilities in our sheltered workshop. Our quality products and business services include our recycling center, pallet shop, subcontracting services, and warehousing/logistics management.

Annual Rotary Picnic, September 23, 2011
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Dedication and hard work, along with the concern and involvement of the community, are the underlying reasons for Hope Haven Industries' phenomenal success. In 1967, the doors opened at the area's first sheltered workshop welcoming the 15 developmentally disabled employees who were in need of sheltered employment. Today, Hope Haven Industries is the employer of 58 developmentally disabled individuals, along with 16 staff members. The workshop has evolved into a growing part of our community's economy.

Participating at the annual Holiday Parade in Chillicothe!What is a Sheltered Workshop?
Missouri sheltered workshops are different from shops in many other states, because they depend heavily on contracted work and the revenue from that work to maintain operations. They are actually small businesses employing individuals with disabilities. On the average workshops contract revenue account for 70-80% of workshop revenue, government assistance 10-24%, and the balance from other grants. Because of the dependency on contract revenue, Missouri workshops readily respond to customer needs relating to quality, and turn-around time. Jobs performed include packaging (bagging, shrink wrapping, blister packaging, skin packaging, boxing), assembly (simple to complex), marketing and public relations services (collating, stuffing, and sorting mailings), products (pallets, wire spools, first aid kits, poultry watering systems, office products, furniture items, etc.). Services are also provided by workshops including, janitorial work, grounds maintenance, commercial laundry operations, microfilming, to mention a few. Workshops also provide work crews that work in customer facilities.

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